5 Questions To Consider When Hiring a Sitter:

There are pros and cons to hiring a neighbor to look after your pets while you’re away, but the cons can out-weigh the pros in many situations, and you may not be aware until you’re on vacation.  Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before considering a neighbor to look after your pets while you’re away.


1.  Will they maintain proper security measures to make sure the animals don’t escape from the house? 

2.  Will my pet’s sitter send daily updates and pictures on how my pets are doing each day?

3.   What if my neighbor goes out of town for the weekend or has a family emergency and they forget to  take care of fluffy?

4.  What if my dog/cat is having serious health issues or a seizure? Will the neighbor know what to do?

5.  Does your pet sitter have the proper credentials for caring for your pets? Are they background checked?  Do they have proper pet sitting insurance?  Do they hold other professional and training certificates?



Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter vs. Your Neighbor?



Why Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter Is The Best:


  • Professional Pet Sitters have Liability Insurance, Bonded, and Pet CPR/Pet Sitting Certified

  • Reliable, not going to cancel last-minute or no-show; your pets are their priority!

  • Knowledgeable in animal behavior with dogs,cats,birds, and other small animals

  • Able to administer medications, insulin shots, and animals with special needs/health issues

  • Hiring a Pro will ensure your pets are never forgotten, and a Professional Pet Sitter won’t cancel because of upcoming last-minute plans or sickness.

  • Professional pet sitters have emergency backup in place in-case there is an emergency, so your pets are never neglected.

  • When it comes to making a decision to go with a Pro or just your neighbor, it’s clear that a Professional Pet Sitter is the way to go when it comes to our beloved pets.

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