Dog Walks

Dog walks are great for many reasons! We know that when you are at work, stuck in traffic, playing a game of golf, or on a short day trip you want peace of mind knowing your dog is happy and content while at home. We keep you from rushing home on your lunch break to let your dog outside!

Keeping your dog kenneled up for long periods of the day can cause over excitement, destructive behavior, and even anxiety. It’s important that your dogs get daily exercise to keep them healthy, prevent destructive behavior, reinforce basic obedience training, give them necessary potty breaks, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Our professional dog walkers are familiar with all dog sizes and personalities will make sure your dog gets the walk or potty break they need, and will arrive back at home safely and securely!

Your pup will have the same walker every day so your dogs can get to know them and you know who is coming to your home each time! We also have an assigned backup walker that your pup will meet, which ensures that you have a backup sitter in the event of an emergency where one cannot make it due to sickness or other emergency situations.

What’s the difference between us and other dog walkers you might ask?

We provide a meet & greet to be introduced to your pups and meet with a professional dog walker
Only two walkers are assigned to each walk so your dogs get to know who will be walking them!

We offer our family & friends discount of 15% for walks scheduled 4 days/week or more

Group walks available for 5 or more dogs with two walkers for 30-60 minute sessions
We will always customize your dog’s walking needs, providing upkeep of any special training that you may have in place for your dogs.
Our PAWFECT App provides you will real-time updates on when your professional dog walker arrives/leaves, GPS tracking, text messages/communication features, and pictures of your dog’s walk, and when they went potty.

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